Our business has specialised in restoring and reproducing – not only – antique furniture from the Schwalm region. We produce the furniture according to original models and patterns and use nothing else than solid wood, such as oak and cherry wood for our reproduction work. Inlays can be added if desired.


Every customer can choose the quality and quantity of the inlaid work. This is what gives a distinctive character to each piece of furniture and makes it a unique item.

The inlays (depth approx. 5 mm) are made of local wood, e.g. "Zwetschge", maple or moor oak.


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 Eiche Anrichte mit Oberteil
Nr. 01

Kleiner Gitterschrank Nr. 02

Großer Gitterschrank in Kirsche Nr. 03

in Eiche
Nr. 04

in Eiche 
Nr. 05

Schwälmer Truhe 
in Eiche 
Nr. 06

 in Kirsche
Nr. 07

Großer Gitterschrank in Eiche
Nr. 08

Große Eiche Anrichte mit Oberteil
Nr. 09

Kleine Anrichte 
in Eiche
Nr. 10

Rhöntisch aus Eiche und Platte aus Ahorn
Nr. 11

in Eiche
Nr. 12

in Eiche
Nr. 13

in Eiche
Nr. 14

Kleiderschrank in Kirsche Nr. 15 a

Kleiderschrank in Kirsche Nr. 15 b

Tisch aus Eiche und Platte Ahorn Nr. 15

Tisch in Eiche und 
Ahorn Nr. 25

Tisch in Kirsche
Nr. 26

TV Schrank in Eiche
Nr. 27

Brotschrank in 
Eiche Nr. 28

Couchtisch in 
Ahorn Nr. 29

Eckschrank in 
Kirsche Nr. 30